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  1. Windy day ,golf ball moves while addressing the ball?
    You must play from it’s new position.
    Unless your on putting green and you have marked & lifted your ball.You can then place to original spot.

  2. Ball is near Sprinkler head in line of putt.
    Within 2 club lengths so relief of 1 club not nearer the hole can be taken in general play area.(if local rule is applied) immovable obstructions

  3. Gur? As a general rule, you can play from GUR — unless the committee has declared it a no-play zone.
    Or free relief You can drop 1club length no nearer the hole ,you also clean your ball.

  4. Ball in pond hazard . Practice swings make sure ball doesn’t move or 1 penalty stroke is given.
    Player can Play Ball as It Lies in Penalty Area or Take Penalty Relief

    The player may either:
    Play the ball as it lies without penalty, under the same Rules that apply to a ball in the general area (which means there are no specific Rules limiting how a ball may be played from a penalty area), or
    Play a ball from outside the penalty area by taking penalty relief under
    Rule 17.1d

  5. Player plays ball in bunker it rebounds and reflects off his body ?
    Ball in Motion Accidentally Hits Person or Outside Influence

    No Penalty to Any Player

    If a player’s ball in motion accidentally hits any person (including the player) or outside influence:
    There is no penalty to any player.
    This is true even if the ball hits the player, the opponent or any other player or any of their caddies or equipment.

  6. Relief from sprinkler head.
    Relief from Abnormal Course Condition May Result in Better or Worse Conditions
    If a player receives better conditions affecting the stroke in taking relief under
    Rule 16.1
    , this is the player’s good fortune. There is nothing in
    Rule 16.1
    that requires them to maintain identical conditions after relief is taken.
    For example, in taking relief from a sprinkler head (immovable obstruction) in the rough, the player’s nearest point of complete relief or relief area may be located in the fairway. If this results in the player being able to drop a ball in the fairway, this is allowed.
    In some situations, the conditions may be less advantageous to the player after relief is taken as compared with the conditions before relief is taken, such as when the nearest point of complete relief or relief area is in an area of rocks.

  7. Stableford scoring .
    Player is responsible for marking correct gross score on hole when marking card and points if wrong may be corrected when finished round.(if gross score is wrong when card is finalised it’s a DQ.
    Where as any points error on card will be corrected when card is finalised & it’s no DQ.

    Match play if score is not corrected before next tee (penalty is loss of hole)rule 3.2c

  8. Stroke play No Penalty 9.5b Exception 2 – Marking and Lifting Player’s Ball on Putting Green by Mistake: There is no penalty when the opponent marks the spot of the player’s ball and lifts it on the putting green in the mistaken belief that it is the opponent’s own ball.

    In match play, another player cannot mark your ball without consent. If they do, they will incur a one-stroke penalty. If you or an opposing player want another player’s ball marked during match-play, you must request that they mark it.

  9. Practice putting or chipping after hole is completed?
    Practicing during round (MP & SP)
    While playing a hole and after completing play of a hole, but before making a stroke to begin another hole, you must not make a practice stroke.
    Exception – Between holes you may practise putting or chipping on or near the putting green of the hole you just completed and any practice green, and the teeing area of your next hole. But such practice strokes must not be made from a bunker and must not unreasonably delay play.
    Penalty for Breach of Rule 5.5: General Penalty. If the breach happens between two holes, the penalty applies to your next hole.

  10. Rabbit hole & scrapings relief in bunker (free drop 1 length)
    Relief for Ball in Bunker
    If a player’s ball is in a bunker and there is interference by an abnormal course condition on the course, the player may take either free relief under (1) or penalty relief under (2):
    (1) Free Relief: Playing from Bunker. The player may take free relief under
    Rule 16.1b
    , except that:
    The nearest point of complete relief and the relief area must be in the bunker.
    If there is no such nearest point of complete relief in the bunker, the player may still take this relief by using the point of maximum available relief in the bunker as the reference point.

  11. Royston Golf seniors open 25/08/23
    Oops Ray/Paul played off thew wrong tee so.
    You get the general penalty. (two penalty strokes).
    Great day & well done Paul C nearest the pin prize.

  12. Chipping onto the green
    You can ask to Mark the ball on the green.
    If opponents ball is in your opinion at any point close or around an area that could influence a putt .

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