Photos of my Chillies as they grow from seed?

I have attempted to grow Chillie plants from seed day one early April 2020.
I germinated the seeds for around 1 week indoors ,i then planted 4 of them in garden soil in small pots.Watering small amounts each day.

8-10 weeks some plants grew strong enough to transfer to bigger pots for their actual base and hopefully get some fruitious chillies..we will see!
more updates will follow

More to follow as plants hopefully grow…
12 weeks chillie plant,update soon !
19 weeks ,July 31st 2020.
20wks a flower
22 wks no flowers .Watered 2/3 times week.
weather been 16c-33c
No sign of any chillies as yet,
9th September 2020, Chillies still no show & running out of warm weather 23c today.
27wks at last first Chillie appears 19/09/20,harvest coming?