The game format draw etc TBC soon,

Meet time Sunday 13th April 2005 around 10-30 am,
Bring £15 for prize cash pot entry fee.
Cheers Tu.

T-Masters Pairs 2025

T-Masters Pairs 2025 Stableford Points 90 % off course handicap.Best points score counts on each hole x 18 for team total.
Mark down all players scores so next days T-Masters Singles tee times can be set ,highest 4 go out last.
Tee time Pairs 90% Hcp Pairs total pntsPairs 90% Hcp Pairs total pnts
12 noonDS (18) & MS (40)? with player Below 👇
12.08?&?? with player 👆

Admin will random draw all players out of hat to make a pairs team,making 7 pairs total.Record all players scores points.

4 tee times will be from 12.00 noon Sunday 13th April 2025.

2 x 3 balls will be 12.00 & 12.08 (The 2 players that have been drawn as a pair highest best score) & the 3rd player marks his score against 3rd players score in other 3 ball tee time for best score on the hole this will count as their pair.

& 2 x 4 balls will be 12.16 & 12.24 (2 pairs x 2)

also 2 x NP’S. £5 prize each hole.

(roll over £5 pin onto 2nd par 3 if there is no nearest the pin achieved.

If no nearest pins on the green are not won £5 pp prize will go to 3rd place pairs team)

T-Masters Pairs Prize

Winners £50 = £25pp

                                2nd £30 = £15pp

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