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Stableford scoring

Awarded Shots with Stableford Scoring

Your tee scorecard stroke index is numbered which golf holes you will be awarded shots.

These Awarded Shots will allow you to correctly calculate your stableford points. For each shot of your handicap, you must assign it to a hole.

If you have a handicap of 7, you would be entitled to 7 extra shots. Therefore you would be awarded one extra shot for the 7 most difficult holes, SI of 1 to 7.


18 Handicap PlayerA handicap of 18 means you would be awarded one shot per hole.  24 Handicap PlayerA handicap of 24 would give you one shot for every hole plus one extra for the 6 most difficult holes. Therefore, 2 shots for holes with a SI between 1 and 6 and one shot for holes with an SI of 7 to 18, giving a total of 24. 

You get points for net score.
1 point for one over par. 2 points for par. 3 points for one under par
[birdie] and 4 points for two under par [Eagle]
Say you were 18 handicap then you would get a shot allowance on every hole

Hole 1.  Par 4 Stroke index 9

If you scored 5 . Then on the card you would show
5/4 for 2 points
If you scored 4.Then on the card you would show
4/3 for 3 points
If you get a birdie then it would be
3/2 for 4 points

If you are down in 2 (eagle) then it is 2/1 for 5 points.